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Have You Lost Your Money While Trading Online? Fight Back Against Any Form Of Online Investment Fraud And Get Your Funds Back


Are you having any problems but can’t consult to anyone?

Scam activity is commonplace in online investing. There are so many trading platforms to choose from, and many of them could mean trouble. At My Quick Refund, our team of experts has expertise across many fields. We have the knowledge of finance, law, banking, and regulations needed to recover funds lost to scam trading platforms. We’re here to put our skills to work for you, whether you’re dealing with a regulated or unregulated trading platform.

Over the past Three years, we have established our reputation as a highly effective scam busting organization. You don’t need to fear shadowy online scammers when you have My Quick Refund in your corner. If you have been preyed upon by the aggressive tactics of unscrupulous trading websites, we can find the solution that will get your money back. We are the predominant experts in the field of fund recovery, and we take great pride in that fact.


My Quick Refund is here to recover funds for the victims of online scams. Our experienced team has a proven track record of doing just that for our clients. We're ready to put that experience to work helping you fight back against all online scams.

Binary Options Scams
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scams
Forex Trading Scams
CFD Scams
Credit Card Scams
Online banking scams


We are experts in case assessments and dispute procedures. We work with a professional service team in attempt to claim funds lost to regulated and unregulated companies.

How to Get Your Money Back

Step 1 - Review Your Case

Our expert team representative evaluates the details of your case against our metrics for success to determine if your case can lead to a refund.

Step 2 - Fight& Dispute

The My Quick Refund representative handling your case will then need some important documents from you. We search these documents for the key pieces of evidence that will lead to your refund.

Step 3 - Get Your Money Back

Our team is ready to exhaust every method we have available to get you your money back.



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