Credit Card Scams

Credit Card Scams

Credit cards Scams are one of the most common payment methods, both in-person and online. Their popularity makes them an excellent target for scammers. People generally aren't as careful with their credit cards as they should be, considering the possible consequences.

Credit card scams involve stealing a victim's credit card information to then make fraudulent purchases. Scammers can take this information from the card itself using skimmers, additions to ATMs, or other terminals that send the card information to a third party. Cards with RFID chips can have their information copied with an RFID reader, sometimes even when the card is still in your wallet.

More commonly, card details are stolen online. Scammers set up fake copies of websites and send out fake emails to drive people towards them. People mistake the websites for the real thing and put in their credit card information. Now the scammers can use that information to make purchases. Luckily, there is often a way to get that money back in the end.


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